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Hello All!


I've owned my HP 115 for about 2 years now.  I like the machine for the most part and I have been printing enough to give me some supplemental income which is nice.  Most of what I print is logos/graphics for vehicles, etc.  Usually it is a company logo or a safety related sticker.


Occasionally I have had customer bring to me a decal I just cannot replicate the colors on.  I know the limitations of the CMYK palette.  My question is, what do print shops do when a customer wants a certain color they cannot reproduce?  Usually for me it is a bright orange or a bright green.  Of course, I can't do neon colors or even bright pinks.  I know print shops can print them somehow because I am being handed a decal to replicate.  So, are they ordering a spot color ink and making a run for just those decals?  Do they have multiple machines with different ink setups?


I've never worked in a print shop and have learned to do everything I am doing from scratch or from you all.  That is why I am asking.



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