SC plotter 'waiting to send' message while sending to cutter. Large files won't cut suddenly

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Both of us have already suggested to try a trial of another software. Export the files as .eps and import into another cutting software. You should be saving your files as .eps anyway, that way you can import into other cutting softwares and not be stuck later with one cutting software. .eps will work in most any cutting software.   You can also try the other com ports 1-2-4 on your computer and see if they make a difference. Just match them up in device manager and your cutting software.  

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As Skeeter suggested, it couldn't hurt to change the COM Port to a different number and give that a go as well.

In the meantime - If you're cutter is successfully cutting smaller files, then at least that's something. Yes, cutters are simple machines, but as operating systems upgrade and advance, so does software and programs, but unfortunately not cutter technology.

I think the simplest thing to troubleshoot right now is the software - Download Sign Blazer Elements, and type in your text, size it to what you need, and then try and cut it. See if it falters at the same point, a different point, or not at all. If SBE chokes on the file and you run into the same problem, then you know it's not isolated to VM. If it cuts just fine, then it is something isolated to VM. If SBE chokes on the file, then try it with Easy Cut or any other cutting software that has a free trial.

Other things to make note of - whether USB or (Null Modem) Serial cable, do your best not to have an extension or hub. If you can't possibly place your computer that close to the cutter, then make sure that if you're using USB, that it's an active (with external power) hub. It will be better to run a longer cable, than a cable with an extension.

If it's straight up text and it has not be converted to lines & curves, then that's something you can try. Convert it to lines & curves (which is just converting it to a graphic), and try cutting it that way.

Try not to get discouraged, there are just so many different things to try ... for a simple functioning machine. Seems kind of crazy, but with the advancement of computers and programs, no doubt there will be compatibility and performance issue that may arise.

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