Any downside to storing (unweeded) cut decals?

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I am currently cutting My wall decals to order but I am always left over with extra decals due to width of the vinyl Sheet and not wanting to waste material. I’m new to this and Business is slow at the moment So these might not sell for a while and I can end up with multiple extras of each design when they are cut. All my cutting files, weeding lines, decal sizes have been set up/optimised for this width of vinyl Sheet so this will be a nightmare to change.

I can’t imagine there is a difference made by simply cutting The design into the vinyl and then storing it, Compared to cutting it fresh but I may be missing something, my questions are:

1) Is there any actual downside to storing (unweeded) cut decals for a couple of weeks/months if they aren’t selling? 

2) can they be also be stored weeded With no issue as long as the transfer tape isn’t applied? 

Appreciate any responses, thanks 

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Don't do that.

Vinyl, after cutting, will tend to repair itself along the cut lines (re-bond/re-adhere). This makes it unsuitable for having it sit like that for any protracted length of time. The rule is: Cut & weed in proximity.

As for weeding it and then not app-taping it? Yeah, that'll work, but you have to exercise extreme care in handling/storing, because the vinyl bits are now exposed and can more easily become dislodged from the backing paper as you stack the sheets.

Best thing to do is figure out how to increase your sales and not have extra stuff lying around. Get a grip on why things are 'slow' now and work harder to overcome the lack of orders. Promote, Promote, Promote --- that is the way to do business in the era of Covid19.



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I would do some while you're at it. You'll only be out the app tape and and a little time. If your tape matches your roll width your not even out that. Do your best to store them in a safe place out of the light and flat if possible. I have installed older decals I had made and it went ok.  Worst case you can offer as a reduced price inventory reduction item and still recover some coin. 

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