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Anyone with Silk Screen Signage advice?

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I know that this is probably a shot in the dark, but I'm going to try anyway :P

Does anyone here have any experience with silk screening signs? I'm trying to find out how viable it is to silk screen reflective ink on to a painted aluminum substrate. We have a signage law that just took effect recently and it calls for "2" high reflective lettering on a contrasting background." Which basically means that businesses will need to replace thousands of signs that are now non-compliant. Since half the sign is a standard blurb, and needs to go on each and every one, I'm trying figure out if it can just be silk screened with reflective ink instead of beating up my blades in the cutter.

And yes, I've gone through the verbiage of the new law, and it states that the lettering must be reflective, rather than it being a reflective substrate with contrasting (non-reflective) lettering - which would be soooo much easier.

I am also open to suggestion on how to expedite this new nightmare.


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