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How do you interpret Trick or Treat?

I always took it as the kid giving an ultimatum, give me a treat or I'll give you a trick. However over the weekend I overheard someone talking about buying some lemons to hand out as tricks. They interpreted it as the kid giving you a choice, give me a trick or give me a treat.

I asked my wife and she agrees it's the kid giving you a choice. Thought maybe it would be a south thing, however, her brother sees it as the ultimatum like me.

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You give kids lemons, you're just asking for some serious retaliation, at the least some shaving cream all over your car, maybe a smashed pumpkin, or a roll of toilet paper draped all over the place.

This year, not a single little vamp came to my door. (Usually, we welcome around 200, and stock up on treats with that in mind.)

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