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total noob too full color decals/slaps

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Hi, ive been using a plotter for roughly 7 months and have gotten quite good at using inkscape, gimp and Vinyl master  to edit and cut simple 1-3 layer vinyl+HTV. some examples of my work below.

 Im looking to get into making Full colored anime decals and slaps for my car. what type of printer do i need? what type of paper/vinyl  and do i need laminate? is it better to use eco Solvent ink for stickers that would be exposed to rain//snow/sunshine?


edit: this is mainly ffor personal use and making stickers for friends and family. i don't plan on making this a business, mostly doing this as a hobby.




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eco solvent and laminate - just make sure you have the business to keep it printing every couple of days or maint cost will eat you alive after spending all that money.  I discovered that even with my roland doing multiple cleanings daily on a 3 week vacation I could almost plan on putting at least one $700 head in the printer when I returned - I tried to budget $1K per year maint to keep it printing with no dropped nozzles.  Printers are sexy but too many people get them that don't have the business to keep them going without problems

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