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Well I've gone and bought a ford now.

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Still have the SRT8 Chrysler and I'm hoping to take it to the track soon.   

The time came to buy a newer vehicle and I wanted to make sure it'll tow the 2-ton beast to the track.   Looking around for a dodge ram and dodge really screwed up flooding the market with their stupid quad cab.   I wasn't about to buy a truck that I didn't fit comfortably in the back. Only 1 out of 10 rams I saw in my budget was a true crew cab and there was always something wrong with it.    

Ford on the other hand was killing it in the crew cab arena.  I found plenty of nice examples and settled on the one I wanted.    

2011 Ford F-150 FX2 with the 3.5L Ecoboost with only 70K miles on the clock. Black on Black with leather.  Now I can comfortably tow the car to the track and not have to worry about making it home when I break it. So far the Ecoboost is giving me 16mpg  around town and only needs regular gas.  That alone saves me $70-80 a month in gas savings because I no longer have to run premium.    


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Nice, found out on way to the smokies that if I get gas at the top of the mountain on the way to the bottom I can get 16mpg with the 3/4 ton ram . . . Sil has the Ford 1/2 ton and loves it.   Also 1/2 ton better ride 

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