Oki 711WT Printer Troubleshooting Registration

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Hello! We bought an Oki 711WT in October at the ISS show. It's been a nightmare since troubleshooting it with the company we bought it from and directly with Oki to this day.

They have sent techs multiple times, replaced many parts and sent new printers, and no one can figure it out. I figured y'all might be able to offer some insight as it seems odd to have a continuous issue.

The registration is off on each printer. The color tuning pattern page shows the magenta column squares slightly off in different directions on each box that is surrounded by cyan.

When we print anything in color, the added layer of white is offset creating a thin white and sometimes cyan/yellow outline around some parts of the image and it is not consistent. 

Here's everything we've tried through countless hours of phone calls and in-person Oki techs:

  • Auto Adjusted Registration 7 times before printing. (an Oki suggestion)
  • Moved cyan drum to the magenta slot and confirmed that the middle column on the Color Tuning Pattern is still off on registration.
  • Had an Oki tech come out twice -- he has no idea what's wrong and can't resolve it.
  • Replaced the magenta drum.
  • Replaced the transfer belt.
  • Replaced the IBD-5 Maintenance Board.
  • Replaced the Sensor.
  • Replaced the entire printer - every single piece.
  • Printed directly from Illustrator.
  • Printed directly from the Rip.
  • Verified the file being used to test printing on our side with Oki and the company we purchased the printer from -- works on their printers.
  • Tried printing from a Mac. Tried printing from a PC.
  • Oki blamed our electricity (confusing) so we tried it in the office and we tried it at home. Same issue at both locations.
  • Printed on Forever Dark Transfer Paper.
  • Printed on Magic Touch Wow Paper.
  • Tried printing full-color graphics.
  • Tried printing simple colored boxes.
  • Tried printing from a PNG, TIFF, and straight from the AI Vector file.
  • Adjusted density settings for each drum.
  • Leveled the printer completely in every direction.
  • Original company we purchased from said it was a user error. We filmed us doing the entire process to show and he said we did everything correctly.
  • Took design and our computer to the local distributor and printed to their printer directly and had no issue.
  • Replaced the printer cable 3 times.
  • Asked Mesa Supplies, Forever Transfer, Coastal, and Johnsons Plastics for help. No one has any suggestions.
  • Spent 7 months and way too many hours on the phone with Oki/Magic Touch and memorized their hold music.

It feels like a lie as examples we were shown at NBM and ISS do not equal the product we have. No one at the shows actually prints at the shows and comes with pre-printed transfers. And the fact that their tech can't resolve it.

At this point, the only use for it is to print white-only graphics or only utilize full-color graphics on white tees. Neither of which justifies the cost of this printer nor what we intended to use it for.

Here's our setup:

  • Mac OS 10.13.6 and Windows 10 64
  • Printing from either Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 (as recommended from Oki) and SpaceControl (as recommended from Magic Touch)
  • Printer is connected via a normal printer cable - USB2.0, with gold plated connectors
  • Settings on the printer are set to those recommended by Forever
  • Printing from MPT

I've uploaded images of the Color Tuning Pattern page, and simple square tests and full-color image tests done with Forever Dark Paper on a black tee. Uploaded to Google Drive: Oki Printer Issue Photos

At very least this might help someone else with troubleshooting. :D But we'd sure love any suggestions to help resolve this.










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Are there any bleed adjustments you can make with the RIP software? 

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