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font help needed

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Hey guys, I've been looking forever for this font. Im starting to think its custom made at this point. Anyone know of any close fonts?


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I hear good things about Find My Font software... Haven't bought it yet but will if the need arises.

I have about 13,000 Fonts I've arranged in a File System of 74 Sub-Categories.

Your submission's Styles that stood out to me were 'Sport', 'Square', and 'Futuristic'. (3 of my 74 Folders names)

Your submission's attributes that I noted were the particularities with the 'A' & the 'T'.

Typed your Search Word Example into VinylMasters' Font Manager & looked in one my 'Sport' Folders (101 entries) and found it.

It was also in my Sans Serif>Square and Futuristic folders.

Though most of my work is Custom design, there have been plenty of times where I could not identify a Clients' Font Submission.

I have gotten around the problem with either offering a more similar/suitable/ better substitute or telling them to 'Purchase' it.

(That tends to get them off of it pretty quick)

Some of the Free Online Search can sometimes help but most Submissions need work in Photoshop first.  I call that 'Plan B'.

Software is helpful but a thorough Study  & Understanding of Fonts and their Proper Application will get you further.

Sorry it sounds so smug but it's true.


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FMF is very very even lists similar fonts.

Searches through fonts both online and in your computer...

Well worth the purchase price.



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