Terry Ellis

Greeting Card Software ???

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With templates, Terry? Or do you just want to start from scratch?

  https://www.toptenreviews.com/best-greeting-card-software ---  Print Artist 25 Platinum was the winner in their evaluation, with 28,000 greeting card templates, and features for preparing calendars; making bumper stickers; decorating tee shirts, printing fanciful labels; or decorating full party sets that include hats, masks, gift bags, invitations, tags, and even gift boxes.

Is this something you want to do a lot of and pursue as a business or hobby? Or you just need one now for a specific occasion?

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My wife makes die cut 3D cards for fun. Just need to start from scratch with BLANK template. So for the A2 cards she wants a program to print on some of them before the die cut sections are all put on. that program (Print Artist 25 Platinum) is the one she was looking at LOL... Is that a good one?





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