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Signcut Pro2 wont cut after reading registration marks

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Please forgive me if this is in the wrong section. (new user).


I have recently bought a pixmax 28" cutter/plotter with signcut pro and sidecut draw. When printing stickers from draw all registration marks are solid black and not crosshairs as choosen.

Also when going to cut the stickers, I use the simple contour cut option. But after reading the 3 marks the software tells me an unhandled exception occured.

I've tried multiple images and reg marks. with the laser and without. I've followed videos from signcut on youtube etc.


Its beginning to annoy me as it cuts normal vinyl perfectly. Only having the issues with reg marks it seems.


Any help would really be appreciated

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I have read that Signcut has very good tech support, Best place to start.  I have been here on for years.  I don't know of anyone on here that has a Pixmax vinyl cutter.  A few people come and go with problems. There are many videos on youtube using Signcut for contour cutting. You could put PIXMAX in the upper right corner search and see if there is anything there to help you.  But that cutter looks pretty much like the MH cutter sold here. And it does not have a laser on it. 

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