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Hello all! It's been a while!

After a couple years of contract printing/production with some great local partners we're thinking it might be time to make the jump into our own production equipment and the HP Print/Cut system sure is attractive. 

This will be primarily for motorsports graphics/liveries and contingency style decals. We would still be laminating most jobs and would hope to capitalize on the latex non-laminated options for batches of decals, smaller graphics, etc... 

Main question I'm looking for info on is "mileage" out of the HP Latex ink cartridges and intervals between prints. I know it can vary based on settings, but looking for common use metrics to know what to budget for ink and maintenance, maybe by printed foot or yard?

From what I'm gathering the Latex allows for a greater interval between prints while avoiding clogging/issues... ?

Between shop setup, additional power and space conditioning requirements - I think I've got most of the metrics factored in to budget for a new printer/cutter/laminator with a new print server machine and layout equipment. 


Thanks in advance! 

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