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Paul R

Original Firmware for FC7000-75 Mk2

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I am looking for some help regarding my Graphtec FC7000-75 Mk2 Vinyl Plotter.

My plotter has been working for many years and never had a problem with it.  My old computer went down and whilst i upgraded the computer i decided to upgrade the firmware on my FC7000-75 mk2.... APPARENTLY big mistake.

I have been in touch with Graphtec in the UK and they have informed me that the plotter has blown its motherboard because i upgraded the firmware for the maching from the official GRAPHTEC website??????  They have told me that the machine is not only good for spare parts.  I'm not having that.  How can a machine as solid as the FC7000 which ive owned for the last 12yrs without any problems suddenly end up as scrap :(

I did read a similar story (which i cannot find now) where the user ended up uploading the original firmware back on the machine and it all started to work fine again.  As the machine didnt come with the firmware it was already installed on the plotter, i'm looking to see if anyone has the original firmware for the FC7000-75 mk2?  I have contacted Graphtec who said they havent a copy of the original firmware (yeh right) and i wanted to check on here to see if anyone can help me.

I look forward to your comments

Thank you in advance


Paul, Manchester UK

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So what is happening now that you upgraded the firmware?  You don't state.  You just say it's a mistake.   Are you getting errors or what?   What is going on with the machine?   Did you try a factory reset?   Did you try reinstalling your  driver and your cutting software?  Reboot the computer after you do it.  If your on USB, did you try it on serial?   Did you try a different cutting software.  With out knowing what the cutter is or not doing, I can only throw out suggestions.  Be specific on what the cutter is doing now.   Maybe call Graphtec again and get a different tech support. 

 Maybe there is something, you didn't do.  Here you can go over the firmware update from the service manual.  Updating firmware, I never did do on mine. 

Start at page 7-31.  That is all the help that I have. (10-9370).pdf

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