New into the print world.. where to start?

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Ok, I’ve been cutting vinyl for over a decade.  One of my current lines is requiring 2-5000 black and chrome decals 1”x2” per month and the shop I used to work for quoted me $750 per 5k.  Well, I decided to buy a summa dc4sx and print/cut them myself.  So...what now?  I have coreldraw and I’ll have all the software that came with the summa (and 20 rolls of foil).  What format am I designing in and how does the workflow look?  How do I have the print/cut/flexcut set up?

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now you learn your equipment and new software, watch a lot of youtube videos, mess up a bunch and learn from those mistakes.  personally I drove 4 hrs each way to someone that had the set up I was looking to buy and learned a lot from them - and then made sure I never competed with them.   just like when you learned your plotter there is a learning process and part one you will learn is it is harder than you think to get high resolution images to print (unless of course you already designed them in vector format.  Then you will learn to create a contour area you want to cut and personally I saved those files in .eps because with versaworks for the roland it was easy to work with an eps even if it had a raster content with a vector contour.   

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