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Hi 2 things we need help with...

1 laptop is set up and shows cutting but will not respond to cutter ??

2 works okay on Pc but it has cut letters back wards but not all the way through 

please help this so frustrating

many thanks 


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What software are you using to send to the cutter?

It is not uncommon to have setup issues when connecting the first time. Most of the budget cutters have cheap usb chips and can be trouble. If that machine has a serial cable option you might have a better experience going that route. Some of the older ones did but most of the newer machines do not have that serial cable option. 

If you have strange things happening within a cut file you may have the wrong driver.

If it just twigs out after running for a while it can be static. The budget model cutters don't like static and the back and forth movement of the vinyl dragging over the cutter can build up a strong charge. Not something I ever had that caused letters to flip though. Usually just stopped cutting.

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Is it only cutting text backwards or the whole design? If the whole design, make sure you don't have a mirror option turned on in your software.

As far as cutting through, have you set your blade depth correctly? Ie, followed Mz Skeeter's directions that been posted on here hundreds of times.

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