Vinyl work on a parade float

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My daughter is on our towns royal court this year, and does parades during the warmer months.  Another towns festival is during October and they have a huge Halloween parade.  The visiting royalty and their families usually transform their normal float into some fun theme just for that parade.  Our court decided to go with the Toy Story theme.  I had a bunch of 4x8 choroplast sheets that the city gave me after an election one time so I donated them to the float.  We painted them and used them to make the sides of this wagon, Al's Toy Barn, the toybox, some ABC blocks, monkeys, and some other various signs.  I used my vinyl cutter to make the Toy Story signs, the Radio Flyer logo, the Al's Toy Barn sign, ABC blocks and the Play-Dough buckets.  It turned out awesome!  Too bad it was all for one parade.  Here are some pics!





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