Metal substrates and how do you charge?

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Can anyone recommend where they get their aluminum substrates for outdoor signage? Best prices?

How to you charge for this kind of application? 

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GRIMCO is a leading supplier of sheets of MaxMetal (composite).

I triple my cost of substrates, and then add the pricing for vinyl (design/cut/apply).

4x8 sign is $100 for the single-colored decal (one side of sign) and $300 for substrate MaxMetal.
Delivery/installation at the job site is extra-- it can run a few hundred more dollars just for that aspect, especially if I require a helper and/or there is height involved. (ladders and/or man lift).


I also sometimes add a "P.I.A. TAX" if the work seems like it will involve 'back-and-forth' design changes with the client.

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