Titan 2 not cutting correctly

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21 hours ago, David@USCutter said:

On 10/07, Apple released their new version of Mac OS, Catalina, which now requires all programs to be written as 64bit applications and not have any dependencies on 32 bit libraries or resources. At the time of release, neither Sure Cuts a Lot 3 Pro nor Sure Cuts a Lot 4 Pro are 64bit applications and as a result have been rendered incompatible with the new OS. Since that point, however, Sure Cuts a Lot 4 Pro has received a 64 bit update. That said, please be aware that there might be a few hiccups using this upgraded version as the developer works to assure it is fully complaint with the new OS' standards.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us, we have noticed there may be trend with the new 64bit version of Sure Cuts A Lot 4 Pro. In our testing, the blade offset appears to be off like the image above, and changing the blade offset does not resolve the issue. We are in touch with the developer to see if this issue can be patched. In the meantime, if the the need for a software is dire, you can upgrade your copy of SCAL4Pro to SCAL5Pro for $60, as it is currently on sale. We have not encountered these issues on SCAL5Pro, and you can find a link to that upgrade here on USCutter.com. Please let us know if anyone is encountering other issues with these newly released builds, and I'll follow-up here when a new version is released.

Thank you for responding David. Please keep me posted ASAP if you hear back from the developer. I feel as if the upgrade to sure cuts a lot 5 should be free. I should not have to pay for an upgrade right off the bat. I ordered a pretty expensive cutter and software that is supposed to work with MAC and it doesn't work. If people are having trouble then sure cuts a lot 5 should be the software sent out with a new cutter.  I do not run the most up to date version on my Mac. I still run macOS High Sierra. 

Again please keep me posted.

Thank you

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We are still waiting for the new version to be published on Craftedge.com, but we have just been provided a link you can use to download the newest version before it is added to the site.

Here is the link to the newest version of Sure Cuts A Lot 4 Pro for Mac.

That version should resolve any issues with the blade offset setting you have been having, but let us know if you encounter any new issues, and we'll pass them along.

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