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It looks like they don't have their blade offset set either.  That cheap cutter wouldn't have blade offset on the cutter.  

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Thanks for this,


No problems about the delay Life takes different paths for us all and we need to do what we need to do...  I have been at hospital with my partner for a few days so I'm not always able to try stuff out or respond to suggestions either.

I should be able to get to try things again today sometime.

I may have to reduce the 300mm x 300mm calibration cut as it already hits the left stops when cutting 100mm widths it'll probably do the same with that size cut.  Anyway I'll give it a try and see what happens, fingers crossed it works because if it does I can start learning more about the cutting side of things as this has been holding me back a long time now..



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Thanks all for your help I'm so grateful.

I did the calibrate cutter size.  Before I had tried it I thought I could change the size of the square it cut as I expected it to just bang straight into the side.  I couldn't the values I thought was the calibrate square size was for me to put the actual size of the calibration square it cut.

After setting those values back to default and doing the calibration cut the calibration cut was good. I couldn't measure it exact as my rule was in the house and I was in the garage, but using a tape measure it was as good as it needed to be for me to know I was getting there.

Getting very excited with the calibration square result I tried a couple of cuts from different files and they looked good.....  All your help has me good now I thank you all millions THANK YOU!

I'll do the calibration again sometime and measure it more accurately and then one last thing I guess before I try real stuff is the offset.  I'll have a read and then tackle it over the next few days.

Thanks again!



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