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FC7000 + Cutting Master 2 weird issue!

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Hi there! I have very uncommon problem with my setup - not sure if it's plotter or software oriented.
Plotter is Graphtec FC7000-100 with latest firmware 2.10 GL - updated just recently, but problem occurred with previous version too. Set as GP-GL. Connected via USB.
Windows 7, Cutting Master 2 and - if it even matters - Corel Draw X7.
After loading and measuring vinyl sheet plotter shows it's correct dimensions (mm).
But Cutting Master program, reads these dimensions 10x bigger!
Any clues? Please look at images:
Cut Area on plotter is 532x248 MM
But Cutting Master shows 532x248 CM
Any clues? Please help!





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Thank You for input but I don't see how is Your answer related to my issue?
Units (cm, inch) are irrelevant here - tested it.
Firmware version is irrelevant too - I did it only as attempt to eliminate this problem but it didn't change anything. 
There are three options in Media Size section:
 - "default preset" which is also too big and is independent from plotter and pretty much useless
 - "user defined" where I can input correct settings manually but it's cumbersome.
 - small button with "?" which should read dimensions from plotter. And It kind of DOES - numbers are correct but units are messed up.
   (don't assume what functions are "default" if You don't know the program).
 - FINALLY - as I mentioned - I'm working in Corel Draw. I don't need another sign making software.

So Anyone else? Cutting Master users maybe?

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