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Evidently MIL found Etsy

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Yesterday my wife got a "birthday" package from her mom (her birthday is in May).   within the box of treasures was some shirts with an HTV that is the consistency of 10 year old greenstar sign vinyl you left in the shed for that whole time.  must be a cricut thing as I have never seen anything this thick and stiff unless it was on a tent. - - Hoping she forgot my birthday but we are making the best of it and washed everything before giving it to the less fortunate.   
Whoever is selling that HTV should be prosecuted before anyone else purchases any more for their projects they sell on Etsy etc.   
My wife hardly ever wears "decorated" clothing other than a few tasteful screen printed nana shirts - - she got about 6-7 simplistic Cat shirts and even some socks that were sublimated with cats (probably best made item in the box) 

SMDH   - She was an asst atty general and the only person that I personally put the child safety locks on her satellite dish (10' dish) because she would mess it up before  I could drive the hour home . . .  . books smart but shouldn't be allowed to operate an electric toaster as my wife and I have said for 30 years 


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Like someone once told me, "just smile and say thank you." (then go home and ditch it, I mean donate it). Hahaha.

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