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I own/run a print/copy shop since 2002 on my I can give you some advice.

A lot depends on how many flyers they want and what quality they are expecting.

Just like vinyl cutting ...the digital files are the biggest issue.   Many customers think that

files they created in WORD, EXCEL or even PowerPoint are acceptable for printing. 

Usually their centering is all off (especially on tri-fold brochures) and the layouts are in need of help. 

For small quantities we print inhouse on our very high end laser printer...for larger orders I prep the files

(they have to be in CYMK with 300 dpi for photos) and send them out to wholesale print partners.


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Do you hand fold them or use a folder? the first order that I passed on was in memory of. They wanted them by the end of the day, I told them to go to the next big town. How do you deal with then just giving you a copy on a sheet of paper saying this is what we want? I get so many orders that way, even in vinyl and other work we do.

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Most print jobs ARE Hurry, Hurry, Rush, Rush.  And yes, many will give you a scribbled sheet and you are to come up with the entire layout...if not the sale/promotion idea too!  You have to charge a set-up/typesetting fee for that kind of work...based mostly on time spent. Just like signage most customers will love anything you do but some will be picky, picky and want changes.  If they provide their own files, you have to review and fix them...the MS WORD group files will look different from one computer to another mainly because of font substitutions...those programs will substitute a font if you don't have the same one on your computer....and not notify you.  Even the PDF files created in them are not stable.

We do have folding machines to take care of large orders but will sit down and  hand fold small quantities.  Yesterday we hand folded 40 funeral's just not worth the time it takes to set up the folder.  And don't forget to charge extra for folding.

Funeral programs are most always last minute...usually next day though.  Very few of our customers require same day design & printing.  Even if we do have something finished real early we don't always notify the customer right away...don't want to train them to expect immediate order we may not have the time to turn it around that quickly.

We mostly design posters, flyers, brochures, invitations, labels.  For repeat orders, many event poster & flyer designs are used year after year and all that's needed is a few date & info changes for the next few years....much faster.

I use CorelDraw or InDesign for creating files.  Customer provided files are usually moved into one of those programs to make "fixing" easier.  PROOFS are most always emailed (JPG  files) for final okay.


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