How to shadow just the top of an image

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Hello. I am still learning how to use my VinylMaster Cut V4.0 & am stuck at the moment trying to figure out how to shadow an image.

I know how to shadow the entire image, but I am only wanting to shadow the top portion.  When I do this, it is making it the same size as the image I am shadowing.  I guess what I am trying to do is to make a shadow of an image but I don't want to have any layering at all. I am doing a mountain scene in black & want the top of the mountains in a shadow in gray where the two pieces will fit together but not be layered on top of one another.  I have a name as well that I am trying to do this with as well.  I know I have done this on other software's, but cannot figure it out for the life of me on this new software.  Does anyone have any pointers for me. 

I have attached a photo of what I am trying to accomplish.  The middle picture is what I want it to look like with just a slight shadow but when I do it, it gives me the same image & I would have to layer them on top of one another.  Same with the name at the bottom.

Any suggestions are appreciated. 

Thank you!! :)


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I am betting they just made a second layer in gray and adjusted it upward slightly - quick and easy

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Yes, Dakota, that is how the 'Drop Shadow' function in Vm works.

As far as not having the 2 layers over top of one another;

Ungroup the 2 layers (grouped by Default when Created with the Drop Shadow Module)

And Punch them out. (Not sure if the Cut Version has all these Features.

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i like the concept of not overlapping when I do 2+ colors, but in reality, my eyes and hands simply aren't steady enough for a level of accuracy if the color is supposed to touch one another, especially on a graphic as long as yours. I would guarantee have negative space or in inadvertent overlapping someplace along that graphic.

good luck with that, and take a pic when you're done so we can see it installed.

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