Precision template design...where to start

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Hey y’all, I have been in negotiations with a large pocket knife company retailer about doing skins for their most popular knives.  The first one was hand cut with the vinyl already applied, the other was crudely patterned then painstakingly outlined, smoothed, holes resized, moved, moved again, nodes nudged, eliminated, added, and that took about 12 hours.  

I need to figure out a faster way to accurately scan and scale.  I’m open to suggestions and have been leaning towards a 3D scanner like the einscan SE but I know that some education from 3D to 2d would be needed.  I have at my disposal so far, coreldraw, the graphtec studio plus and scal pro5. 

Throw me some ideas if you would!  Thanks

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Most, if not all, of the cutlery and knife manufacturers have been designing with solid modeling for 20+ years.  I don't recall the name of the function now, but unfolding and flattening the design  is pretty simple and is perfect for a project like this.  They can then export it in a file format you can use.  It can't be too difficult, because they never complained when I'd ask for one.  All of the tooling, jigs and fixtures I had to design as standard, flat blueprints as most of them where still manually made.  The marketing department would have them convert the solid models to "3D" perspective illustrations for ads.  The folks who designed packaging, well they literately took a flat blueprint and cut out a chunk of wood on a bandsaw for their mockups.

I'd ask to talk to one of their draftsman and explain that what you want.  It should be quick and painless.

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