Used Graphtec CE5000-60 or new CE Lite-50?

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I'm at a dilemma at the moment as too what i should choose for my next cutter.

I can get a new CE Lite-50 for 600€ or a used CE5000-60 for 650€.

It would be used to cut HTV, max width of 20 inch on roll and also smaller pieces (probably using a cuttingmat for the small pieces).
At the moment i'm using a Brother ScannCut, so either one would already be a good upgrade.
I would like cleaner cuts, and also a problem i'm running into with the Brother is the htv lifting in corners with fine detail due to it being a dragcutter.
It seems that both Graphtecs have tangential cutting, which would help with this problem.
But with the CE Lite-50 being a much newer model, would it also be a better functioning machine than the much older CE5000-60?

I can also get a used Roland GX24 for 500€, but i'm leaning more towards the Graphtecs for the tangential cutting function.

I know the CE6000-60 would be the better machine, but these hardly ever come up used for sale here in Belgium. :)


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I only recently learned about tangential cutting and looking closer at the Ce5000-60, to me anyway, it does not appear to be true tangential cutting. The reason I say this is the blades for the graphtec all look like a standard drag knife, where as the tangential knife I found for a summa is significantly different. I'm sure someone that owns one will chime in shortly.

Not trying to talk you out of a new cutter, but the htv lifing could just be a setup issue with your current setup. The Siser HTV stick remarkable well and I've been able to get detail I never would have though possible with my cheap MH cutter. Blade length would be the first thing to double check. Follow Mz Skeeter's instructions on setting blade depth and see if that helps.

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