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Graphtec cutter making random line cuts...

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So you either ignored what others have tried to point out to you, or you chose not to share the results - whether good or bad. People have suggested, and you keep on saying that you're not new to cutting. Clearly you have more experience than some of us combined.

Have you broken a hard rule? No. I just simply answered your question

Have you broken a hard rule? No. I just simply replying as to why you think you are being treated so unfairly.

There are some reasonable expectations when someone brings a question to this forum ... (this doesn't only apply to you, don't think you're so special that we chose to single you out, just to pick on).
- did you try to search the forum for the answer before posting?
- if your machine came with an owner's manual online or hard copy, have you tried checking there?
- did you try to use the HELP section of the software before posting?
- what other thing(s) have you tried before posting?

When there is a suggestion for a possible solution, usually the OP will tell us whether it helped or not, or if it's turned into a different problem. You keep on stating that nobody has addressed your original issue ... what were all those screen shots of other member trying to help you?

We are all volunteers here, and we want to help one another. The shorter the better, because some of us don't cut for a living, so our time on the forum can be very, very limited - but we try where can.

Post away, take as long as you need, a novel if necessary. We were only trying to guide you to get the quickest and most thorough results from the forum.


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