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Hey everyone! 

My names Mikey, I been doing vinyl decals and very minimal sublimation work. I started off with a titan and now upgraded to a graphtec. I use illustrator as my program & as for my printer it is the sawgrass 400 (which to be honest I’m not enjoying the sub market) I might of pulled the trigger to early so I blame myself and I just don’t do enough volume and rather not waste ink by letting it sit, so I’m always doing prints every few days to keep the ink moving. Anyway I do work full time so this is more of a spare time type of deal I push a lot of decals and shirts and hoping to learn and grow along side with all you here. The next thing I wanting to take on is screen printing but being home having just a spare room for an office won’t work but some day ... some day I will get into that field :) 

P.s the username is for my love for jeeps (srts & clearly track hawks but unfortunately do not own one) lol 

*another note that sprayground sticker is not made by me. They are a backpack company that I love and currently own 2 backpacks and 2 luggage’s I use for travel and they always send stickers. Lol I’m aware and saw on this forum the copyright area so I just wanted to make clear it’s not something I did. 

thanks everyone looking forward to this little journey. 



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