Silhouette studio - two color text

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There are many videos out there that cannot be posted here for Silhouette Studio.  Go search how to layer designs in Silhouette Studio.   Plenty of tutorials/videos come up. 

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My guess is that font the yellow parts would be black by default and the white would be clear. Changing the black to yellow is easy enough obviously, the trick would turning the clear to a solid color. I don't use Silhouette Studio, but my process would work, I just don't know the terms used.

I would start by duplicating the text, then break it apart, then weld all the parts back together. This should result is a solid image. Make that image white, then lower it to the bottom so that the original font is on top of it.

You could also draw a box around the font, punch the font through the box and you'll be left with an inverse coloring of the font so you can now color the pieces you want and delete the extras that you don't need.

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