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SC2 Contour Cutting Sure Cuts Alot Pro4

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So I've followed all the directions on how to calibrate and go through contour cutting from this link

my issue is this; after I set the origin point and then press the laser button to turn it on and select "computer" if I have to move the laser more than 1 or 2 movements in sure cuts a lot when I click "next" the carriage DOESN'T move to the next registration mark, it doesn't move at all. I had a workaround that seemed to work decent for 8.5x11 and 11x17 sheets where I would wait until after the machine would move around then load paper and set the origin. Then I could move the laser around and set my points. Now I am trying to do this exact same thing with a 13x19 sheet and I cannot get it to cut accurately. I have tried with a mat, without a mat, recalibrating via the machine (calibration via sure cuts a lot doesn't seem to do anything). I've printed the artwork borderless, standard, and with a margin as my printer will allow. Seems to make no difference.  I downloaded the Sure Cuts A Lot Pro 5 version just to see if I had any better luck and does the exact same thing. 

Any thoughts? 

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