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Transfer Tape is essential to the entire process. However, getting that tape onto your decal can be accomplished in several ways.

I personally like using a holder for the roll(s), and this is attached to the edge of my work table. While I do like the steel roller unit that is sold by USCUTTER, it's too narrow for my 30" jobs.

So, I made my own, using 2x4 scraps. For reference, the height between the inner bottom and the center of the dowel is 4.5" or 5" to allow clearance for a full roll of tape.  I attach it down to table with adjustable c-clamps.


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Yeah I got a metal roller and it will hold a roll up to 27" , I don't know of one that is wider.  Good idea making your own.

I lowered my rollers down 2.5" to keep the tape closer to the vinyl.

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updated:   Just came out of HomeDepot with a wooden dowel and two screw-eye hardware thingies. The 36" dowel fits through the opening of the stainless-steel 'hook-eye' (see image).



This whole assembly goes into a 2x4 base wood, again, using ratchet c-clamps to affix onto table edge.

The rolls of app tape work best when they have the plastic inserts (end-caps) with a center-hole. Some rolls of vinyl ship that way, I save 'em for uses such as this.


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