Heat press Issues and bad support

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I want to start first by saying we enjoy our us cutter heat press.. while it is working. 

We purchased the Auto Open heat press 15x15  model # MTHPMAX-1515CR last year. The press worked wonderfully for about a year and a half until it started having mechanical issues and started not pressing evenly.  It could not be adjusted properly, due to the the adjustment screws were striped/missthreaded in the holes. Not sure if the heat caused this or not. We never messed with the adjustment screws, it worked well right out of the box. Regardless we submitted a warranty claim for it. US Cutters did deliver though. We got our new press in but now the new one started throwing our breaker any time we used it, eventually stopped turning on. We figured out that the problem is the power cord is defective and has a short in it.

The problem, to make a long story short is the power cord needed and supplied is a 16a 250v with a square head on it.(see pics uploaded) we contacted US Cutters and finally sent a replacement cord, after arguing tooth an nail that we just need to go and get a computer monitor power cord. They still sent the wrong cord. They sent 10a 125v cord. With a different shaped head on it. They insisted that the cord will work that we just need to go to the store and get one. “NO store or web site has the power cord needed, we can not find it” even the sticker on the side of the press says 1500w 14a 110v. (US Cutters we need the proper cord that will fit our press) I hope that you respond and help resolve our issues.




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although uscutter host this user forum they seldom visit the forum - calling support or entering a ticket is the way to get help from the company - 

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What does the other end of that cord look like? If it's truely a 16A 250V cord the other end is not something that you can plug into a normal 15A 120V outlet. If it does have a "normal" plug on it, then the next question is the heat press actually expecting a 250V source, if so, that would cause your breaker to trip as the machine would be trying to draw double the normal current that it would use on 250V line.

Now if the press is designed for 110/120 and somehow the wrong plug was put on it you can buy a 16A 250V cord and simply cut the plug portion off and put a new one on. Home Depot sells them and it's quite easy to do. 

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