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Rama Hakim

Android with Grapteic 6000-40

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I Graphtec CE6000-40 and i am  trying to have a  mounted Android or IOS tablet to the plotter, with a user-friendly touch-screen app that lets us  select cutting  options, set up your job, then hit cut  then creates the cut  job and sends it down the USB wire to the plotter.  The purpose is to provide some specialized pre-designed jobs for end customers.

I have seen many company have this already and I believe they have Develop their own software as a Graphtic  company itself they don’t provide a software supporting android but they do  for Windows  which does  the work  it sends the job from a Windows laptop to the plotter and somehow has the right commands.  

My question is, what are those commands to make the plotter controlled by android or iOS tablet  ?  Do you know any android developer who has experience in this ? 

I've written to Graphtec Japan, and they wrote back and said "We don't support Android 

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