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Best Value (Full Color Vinyl Printer) for Home Business

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Hello Sign Community,
I have a small business that sells dog clothes on
We offer small full color designs that I die cut & heat press onto polyester.
Currently we use Siser Easy Weed but our printer service charges by the roll, so we have to purchase more designs than needed & it hurts the business.
I'm wondering if there is a method to print onto my own Siser Easy Weed rolls from home without investing into a machine over $600?
Would appreciate your help, thanks!

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welcome - yes there is - a entry level roland sp-300i will run you around $13,500 to do exactly what you are looking to do - I print on siser colorprint pu that is similar to easy weed - too bad your are clear across the country - currently I have my used sp-300i for sale for $6500.    you can print on materials like jpss or 3g opague using a pigment printer for much less but is not the same as using the siser products with a eco solvent printer  

to print on material like the siser you need a ink that will bite into that material - water based inks just won't do that.  That is the reason for products like I mentioned that use a standard printer with pigment inks.  to do it on the cheap like you want you have to give up printing on the premium materials.

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