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Flexi 10 import error

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Call sai, incredible support for their products after they verify your software 

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Found a text fragment in a very obscure web site.  "Windows 2000 may not show PostScript or Adobe PDF import because psih.dll is not loading. In this case GDIplus needs to be installed. That can be found on the DVD by running Util\\Windows 2000 GDIplus\\gdiplus_dnld.exe. The installer will automatically install the missing DLL if it cannot be found on your Windows installation. On launch you must set the path to \\Windows\\System32.\par"

Apperatly very old if it is for win2k, but maybe there is a similar thing on your cd.

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HI, I have built a new PC

Windows 10 Pro Clean install

I have re-Installed the FlexiSTARTER Jinka 10.5 software but cannot import a PDF file on the new system.

Working ok on my old PC, both running Windows 10 pro.

Error: PDF Import Dialog Box "There was an error opening this document. Couldn't repair the file".

Obviously there is nothing wrong with the file as I can import the same file on the old PC.or into Adobe or CorelDraw on the new system.



Any Ideas would be great, but i have tried the following:


Copied all files from working install to new system

Updated DLL's as suggested above.



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