MH 871 Carrier Hangup

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Just got an MH 871 today and getting it setup. Was about to do a test cut so I turned on the machine, started up with a really nasty grinding coming from the carrier. Noticed it didn’t shift left and back to origin upon startup, just the grind and a little jog to the right. 

Tried to move the origin and all the carrier does is vibrate and grind, a few times it moved, but it will go in the opposite direction of what button I am pushing.

I can get it to move smoothly if I put a slight sideways pressure on the carrier itself, not really pushing it, more like just resting my finger on the side.

Checked and the wheels are in the track, moves smooth as long as my finger is resting on the side opposite of the way the carrier is moving.

Any ideas what’s up with this thing?  First plotter so I am pretty clueless when it comes to troubleshooting this stuff.  Thanks!


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Here is a little update of what I’ve gone over so far.

Removed the carrier and inspected wheels, reseated it in the track. Made sure it slides free and smooth in the track without the belt attached. 

Played with the belt tensioner a bit, noticed it was offset to the front of the machine compared to the drive side. It was almost to the point of dragging the belt on the edge of the track on the return side.

After manipulating the tensioner towards the rear of the machine I was about to control the carrier from the buttons smoothly without any noticeable issues. So I restarted the machine but the chatter and grinding came right back. Even after more manipulation of the tensioner I cannot get normal function from the carrier.

Is there something mechanical that I am overlooking? Or does this lead to control/motor malfunction?

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With the belt removed do you still get a grinding noise? If not, then I would say you do not have a control or motor problem. My guess would be something is not aligned quite right and getting bound up.

The grinding noise is the belt slipping at the motor. 

Is the machine new? If so call tech support and have them trouble shoot it for you.

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