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Cutting Cardstock

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Anyone have any success cutting cardstock with their SC Cutter? I have a small silhouette that can get the job done, but I'm curious if this cutter could handle it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

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The design of the vinyl cutters is such that you DON'T WANT the blade to get through the backing material (paper)  --   it's important to only cut into the vinyl which is very very thin and presents virually NO resistance.

Also, once the blade does rip through the liner paper, it will gouge into the silicone cutting strip and cause damage. You don't want that to happen.

Now, that all being said, if you put non-vinyl material you're interested in cutting (card stock, stencil mask, etc.) through the machine on top of a carrier sheet, and use 60* blade, there is certainly enough downforce available to dial in -- up to 350g pressure.

(I'm cutting calendered and cast vinyl with about 50g of pressure on my SC2)


Hope that helps.

There's another old thread about this (discussing the max. thickness a cutter should handle) and the answer was .3mm --- 12/1000 of an inch. A sheet of regular printer paper, 20 pound stuff, is a little over 3/1000, so you can cut material that would be equal to about 4 sheets of that thickness of regular paper.


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