How do I adjust angle compensation setting with signcut pro 2?

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First things first. Blade depth is the first and most important set-up and all the other settings are dependent on having the correct blade depth (blade exposure) setting. You may have seen MZ Skeeter's posts around the forum because she has posted literally thousands of times on it. In a nutshell you need to remove your blade holder from the machine and manually cut across a scrap and determine that your blade is out far enough to cut through the vinyl but not long enough that it can cut through the backing. The single biggest newbie mistake is too much blade exposed. You shouldn't hardly be able to see it. There is a few references to half a credit card that are floating around and that is roughly 10 times too much. Be very careful not to extend it too far when doing your hand test or you may snap a tip off and then have a very hard time ever getting it dialed in. 

Once you have it set then you should not need to adjust it again unless you happen to cut something much thicker. Most vinyl is between 2 and 3 mil. You will then want to do a test cut directly from the cutter to determine the pressure it will take to cut through the vinyl. Start low and work up. Same as the hand test. If you go clear through you run the risk of blade damage as well as cutting strip. Once you get the pressure set you are then finally ready to dial in the other settings. I think on your P-Cut (assuming that is what you have since you are in the PCUT section) you can set your blade offset on the cutter itself or at least my old P-Cut would, they may have changed since then. If not then you can set it in the program. I set mine on the machine and left the box unchecked where it asks if you want SignCut Pro to override the machine settings. You will want your blade offset to be somewhere around 0.25mm to 0.35mm sometimes more and will need dialed in so that the cut will be nice and square in the corners. Be careful that you are running in MM when you set the offset. If you have switched to Inches the offset probably changed to inches and you'll have to convert the mm to inches. There is overcut as well but most cutters don't need any. This is if the cut end doesn't quite meet the cut start point. Usually no more than the amount of blade offset if any. 

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SignCut has hands down the best customer support in the industry. Live and free. Usually initiated online via a live chat and they can call or remote your computer if needed. 

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