MH721 MK2 - Part of image cutting correctly

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727846699_20180708_202635(1).thumb.jpg.8c04e6aee9289ef1b903bff806e88992.jpgHelp please 670724059_20180708_202635(1).thumb.jpg.9612f4296ba616f1d97d29fe90a2e84f.jpganyone, I have been using my cutter for 1 year, I have yet to see a logo image cut perfectly. the blade depth, press - 100 and speed - 170 are all ok (very little issues with vinyl pulling up). Its the image is not transferring and cutting the exact lines and it seems to not cut exactly leaving small hairs. below are 2 logos and pics next to each of overlapping  and double cuts. It seems these should be very simple to cut? It seems that it is cutting correctly on the left side but when it moves to the right it is not going far enough and overlapping?





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