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So, I currently have an SC series cutter and it's done great for about three years

That being said, since day one, the thing likes to randomly freeze in the middle of cutting, which is a real pain in the A because you end up losing whatever cut you were working on (cut could freeze within the first few cuts or could freeze on the last few cuts...never know)

Sadly enough, I've gotten in the habit of cutting about 20" worth of vinyl at a time, then cycling the power for a few minutes...cut again...cycle power, etc. and it seems to work better

With that in mind, USCutter was not really able to help be besides suggesting changing the port, re-installing the driver, getting an anti-static mat, attaching a second ground wire, etc.

Mid last week, I went ahead and ordered the Titan 2 (been eyeballing it for some time as I think it'll be a better fit for the volume of work I'm pushing through the SC)

The one thing I am halfway disappointed with on the Titan is the amount of RAM / memory that's built in

Is there a way to upgrade the RAM / memory of the cutter itself?


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no way to upgrade I am aware of but the titan2 with the servo motor and a real usb chipset (direct communication instead of the emulator chip in the value cutters) I never had a problem when I had the titan2.   next stop after a few more years of squirreling money away from each sale is the grapthec!


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Did you ever put the SC on a Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter? This is the brand that works.   We have preached this for years for the value cutters.. It makes it a much better connection and flow of data to the vinyl cutter.  It has helped many.  The SC has a cheap Chinese chip in it for the USB.  It is not TRUE USB like the higher end vinyl cutters.   And yes turn the cutter off and on to dump the data from the last order. 

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