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We have a GraphTec CE6000-60 at our shop and it's doing a strange thing for 2/3 users.

When we push a file from illustrator to Cutting Master it looks as though it fits perfectly - however the CE6000 isn't cutting the vertical lines on the left side of the image.

This is happens in both Cutting Master 3 & 4, in fact we only have one user not experiencing this issue (He's using 3)

Any ideas as to what may cause this? 

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Have you tried using the Graphtec Pro Studio software? Windows only.  It is FREE with that cutter.  and is like Flexisignpro. just no wide format printer drivers.   Over $1000 software.   You can still use Illustrator with it.   Just  give them your serial number on your cutter.  Well worth a try using different software. 

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