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How many of you have been cutting Faux Leather with your Cameo or Cricut? I have been having the hardest time finding either good content that is helpful (video or just websites) with tips or ways to cut Faux Leather. 

The picture below has a few problems I am trying to solve. 

1. Cutting into my mat. I soon wont have a mat to use if this keeps up, lol.  For that particular project I used a Deep Cut Blade set at 18; Speed: 3; Force: 33; Passes: 1. ( Later I tried again with my AutoBlade set to 10; Speed: 3; Force:33; and Passes: 2 and still had deep cuts into my mat. 

2. The mat seems to not be lining up right when I load it because it cut above the grid lines. 

3. I was having problems with the leather moving around a lot and I seem to of resolved that issue with painters tape. 


So pretty much my main issue is just how to figure out with this leather the right cut setting. I have used and tried the "standard preset" for faux leather paper that comes with Silhouette Studio but it was not cutting at all thats why I got the deep cut blade. I feel like I could of done without it though because the Auto Blade does a decent job especially with 2 passes. 


Does anyone just feed their material straight in? How does that work for you?



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Going to be honest, I know nothing of Silhouette or Cricut, but here's my take - anything you're going to cut needs to be adhered to your cutting mat - like through and through (edges, middle, etc.). If you're needing to use painter's tape to keep it in place, then there is not enough sticky to keep your paper in place.

As for the alignment issue - I know nothing of those cutters, so I can't help you there.

Is there a way that you can do a 'test' cut before sending your entire design? that way you can see if there is enough blade depth and pressure to cut a sample square, rectangle, or whatever.

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If you're cutting into the mat you simply have too much blade exposed. Setting the blade depth is the same no matter what it is you're cutting. Follow Mz. Skeeter's instructions which have been posted on here hundreds of times to get the blade depth correct.

+1 on Haumana's comment about the material slipping. The whole thing needs to stick to the mat, just just the edges.

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