Y Position Alarm on Vinyl Express Q75

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Hi all. I'm having a problem with my VE-Q75 Cutter. It's just started happening out of nowhere. The cutter assembly part sounds rough sometimes when moving, and eventually jogs to a stop with the Y Position Alarm popping up. I then have to turn it off, and back on, and it will happen again when trying to align itself with the rollers. It's also making a sort of grinding noise sometimes.


Here is a couple vids I took of the problem. The one error I got as well was 'Realign Rollers' but they seemed to be lined up correctly. Moved them around a bit, and back to the Y Position Error. Anybody have any ideas what I can do? I've searched around the web last night and found a few posts similar, but nothing that has worked for me so far. Going to be trying a few more things now but toss me any info you have!

Dropbox Link 1

Dropbox Link 2

Dropbox Link 3


Edit 1: I removed the plastic cover by the cutter ( image attached ) and now for some reason, it's working just fine. I've ran quite a few batches with the panel removed and not had one issue.


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