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printing vinyl

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ok , so I see this subject brought up a few times on here. someone awhile back posted he had decent luck using an Epson artisan printer. with I take it using the pigment ink cartridges that comes with the printer. then the most recent discussion.  with this last post im unsure if the previous post had the luck he stated. well I have a couple Epson wf 7610s im  messing with , I bought refillable carts, and the pigment ink with Htv yellow . I was hoping to make some heat transfers and maybe start printing some sm decals. but again with reading the last post, seems decals are not possible with this equipment. this past week I found an hp wide format printer, but after researching it, it also uses pigment inks. its model t 770. its been sitting so ive looked up printheads and ink carts, both hp and aftermarket. printheads are cheap compared to other wide format printers. and the co I bought my Epson refillable carts from offer them for this printer. also reasonable. any one ever tried to convert 1 of these printers to latex or any other ink that can be used to print on vinyl? or the same old question of being able to print on vinyl with a pigment or dye ink

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