Any help getting these able to be cut?

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I’m beating my head against the wall trying to get these images to wear I can cut them. I’m making Cornhole boards for a local police officers cancer benefit and I’m running out of time. Any help is greatly appreciated. I use vinylmaster and have searched and searched and watched videos, etc. just can’t get them to look right. Thanks for any help. The second photo would only need to be the badge and “vinnie strong”. Don’t need the sponsors. 



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Here's a quick stab at the Boots vs Badges design and Vinnie Strong

The font for the Boots vs Badges is different from what you have.

As far as the lower design, you'll need a better photo and preferably of the design that's not a tee shirt.  Whoever designed the tee shirt should have the vector art.  



Boots vs Badges.eps

Boots vs Badges.jpg

Vinnie Strong.jpg


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Someone may happen to have this badge already in vector...but there are many variations of it...here is one variation:


Also SeekLogo.com has several badges available in vector.

As for the font...Intrique Script is very close...you would need  to adjust the "B"

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