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julian keller

Time to think about upgrades

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OK so this has taken off a little faster than I thought it would.  I am getting orders coming in normally 1-3 shirts a day but have a few that want 10 shirts at a time, all are the same design but there are a few that want multiple colors that would require a lot of carful layering.


So i am wondering what would be some equipment to maximize my time?  I have been looking as screen printing, DTG(a little too rich for blood right now), and laser/inkjet printing.  

I want it to last at least 20 washes as these are being worn a lot more than I thought(some every other day) so with them being seen a lot I need it to look good.  I see a lot of pros and cons but with the printers I see that I can get one and get dye sub inks for less than $500, a screen printer and ink to do screen prints and plastisols for about the same maybe cheaper if I only want the 4 color option.  Space is at a premium for at least another 9 months so that is a big factor right now.  Maybe soon I will move to other offerings other than shirts and that is another factor.


What do some of you Vets in the biz go with starting out and have been happy with until you upgraded from that?  I have been reading and researching but can't make up my mind plus i have a lot on going with work, vacation, and other life stuff so I can't focus on nailing something down yet.


TIA for all the tips!

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28 minutes ago, dcbevins said:

Plastisol transfers can go much faster for large orders like  But ten shirts might not be large enough of an ordeer to go there.

Yea I looked at that before but that would be only for a large order. A lot of the running groups seem to like the feel of the HTV but giving them more colors to have in a design I think will increase my offerings and $$ when they see I can do more complex work. I hate layering with a

The only issue I see is I would have a rough time with dark garments with screen printing soft hand dark garments. Right now that is not too much of an issue as most are light blue, hot pink, kinda mid blue. mid purple, and lime green. Almost all the shirts so far have been a 65poly/35cotton to 100 poly, very little cotton unless it is lightweight ringspun because well, Florida heat and summer

Screen printing would give it a rough feel and I think it would be harder to sell it off on athletic wear.

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