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Hi All,

Does anyone own the Transforsa Clamshell Cap Press Machine? Would you say it was a good heat press? Does it the fact that it doesn't have a piece to hold down the hat make it hard to press? It is on sale and i want to buy it but i also don't want to spend the money if its going to be just a waste.


Please and Thank You  : ) 

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I have not used it but it looks like it will probably get the job done. It's a starting point I guess. There is great money in caps. I use the high end hotronix auto open one. Lots more money to purchase but I paid for it in one job quite easily.  Having the cap hold down definitely helps and probably of bigger use is having different sized lower platens. Most caps are too short in the front to fit well on those full sized lower platens. I use one built for kids hats on almost everything. 

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