newby questions from a non newb.. yikes

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So I've had an MH series cutter for a few years now, have printed thousands of decals from it. I had the opportunity to get a good deal on a used SC...and larger. (50 vs 30). Well, THOUGHT it was a good deal. I got it and found out it was NOT the SC2 that I thought, rather an older SC.

SO i have a few questions, and i tend to talk too much so, apologize when this gets wordy....bare with me!

1. First off, am I better off sticking with my MH 871 mk2 than the SC ?? The MH I notice goes much lower in speed and different increments, compared to 100/200/300 etc on the SC.. is the SC a better machine still even if older?

2 Secondly I did some tests.. I'm getting a lot of jagged lines on just like a letter A for example. I did a square test and corners are good, I dont think the offset has anything to do with it, tried 25 and 30 and didnt notice a difference. I put in a new 45* blade. I usually ran my MH speed around 160. I turned on this SC and saw the speed was set at 600, holy crap! Looking online it seems common people run them 300-400 or higher no problem. I turned my speed down to 100 and the lines come out FINE. 200 they come out 90% but almost look a little fuzzy. 300 and they are starting to get pretty obviously wavy. What is causing this wavyness? I played around with blade height, I felt like it was too far out. Its barley visible and passes the "cut a piece by hand" test.. but again i see post of people running pressure 40 or much less. that barley cuts for me. i had to set pressure up to like 160, and it seems to weed fine, barley leaving marks on the backing.  but why the need for so high? should i poke the blade out more and decrease pressure or is it "whatever works" kinda combination? Im just concerned for small stuff, and also want to make sure i didnt get a broken/worn out unit.

3. i read about jagged edges maybe being caused by needing an adjustment of the belt tension, is there a way to test that?  this thing is used but i dont think it has too many cuts ran through it.

im really interested in being able to get those 300-400 speeds, compared to running at 160 on the MH that will be super nice to get things moved through a little quicker.... but not at the price of horrible cuts. Its 100% not my design, ive cut hundreds of them. but clearly im missing a magic combo of settings / blade height or that belt is loose or something.

anyone got any ideas on how i can get it dialed in? ive searched allover and watched the setup video... throwing in the towel, help!


Thank you!!!!!



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also could it be a driver issue? i would guess no because its communicating fine..  baud set at 9600 in sure cuts a lot. i notice though that the driver shows up in windows 7 as usb device rather than a printer. I downloaded the drivers from the uscutter site, attempted to install. honestly not sure if it did anything or not. sure cuts a lot picked it up fine before and after. possibly the SC and MH are using same driver???

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