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Siser Strip Flock and Siser Brick 600

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Flock: In all the years I have been doing HTV work I have not tried the Strip Flock until last week. I had one of my girls show up with a hoodie of a friends that had flock on it and I liked the smooth felt feel and decided to order some in and give it a go. 

Here is my assessment: 1. Cut, I adjusted the blade depth and used my regular 36deg blade and regular pressure same as all the other HTV I normally cut and it cut just fine. In fact that blade is getting long in the tooth and I was worried it would have issues but that product cut fine. I almost loaded my 60deg blade up but decided to try the regular one just to see what happened. 2. Weed, seemed to weed fairly good and has a sticky carrier. I didn't go too detailed on the design but the details I did do came out fine. 3. Press, I followed the recommended heat, time and pressure and it pressed with good adhesion. When I got done it felt a little rough and I at first thought maybe it was just going to be a little less felt feeling than the one I was inspired by but after a wash cycle I noticed it feels super smooth and styling. My daughter is super happy with the one I built for her so it was a good run. I have since ordered a full roll and will keep it in mind for appropriate projects in the future. I see a note in the specs that you can even layer this flock which is surprising. 

Brick: I have experimented with the Siser Brick options as well as the flock. USCutter originally offered Siser Brick 1000 which is 1000 microns thick. I don't think they are offering it anymore and I am not sure if that is a Siser or a USCutter thing but I have a yard or two of the 1000 and several small pieces of 600 that I brought in to play with. 1. Cut, The 1000 is tough to cut and weed with any sort of detail. I used a 60deg blade and high pressure to cut both thicknesses. The 1000 is a challenge to get to stay stuck both during the weed process and the install and possibly the combination of trouble cutting details and getting good adhesion is the reason they stopped carrying it. I was successful in making a hoodie with the 1000 and it is in test mode to see how many wash cycles it will survive to see If it actually has a good grip or not. I did a black on black look for one of my girls and it's a really nice effect with the thick rubber feel. 2. Weed, The Brick 600 cut a lot easier although still required a 60deg blade. It does NOT have a pressure sensitive sticky carrier so be careful weeding to avoid a problem. I managed a fairly complicated design but pulled up one letter and had to apply it separately to finish the overall logo. 3. Press, I pressed the 600 at the recommended time and temp and flipped it inside out as recommended. This logo is on a personal hoodie and I found a corner lifting on the first wearing so I had to re-press. I upped the temp and pressed it a little longer than they said and it has held fine since. The installation recommendations are probably fine for a tee shirt but the thick hoodie needed more. I have enjoyed the look of the thick graphic and have so far washed it twice with regular wear. 

I just thought possibly someone could benefit from my testing if they have been wondering about either of these products. 

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