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Since there is no Titan 3 discussion forum, I guess this is the place to ask. 

I have been checking reviews and reading on the Titan 3 for a couple months, and had decided that after Christmas I would buy the 28" model. I work a lot and just recently noticed the SE versions of the Titan series. 

I can't find anything anywhere that offers a side by side comparison of the Titan 3 and Titan 3 SE, full specs and features breakdown.

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Hi @Positive P,

I apologize, it has indeed been a while since we updated our buyers guide. We'll make sure we get that up to date within the next two weeks. We'll aim for sooner than later. 

That said, the TITAN 3 and TITAN 3 SE are very similar. The primary differences being that the SE has:

  • A better feeding system that makes longer cuts easier;
  • A mutli-pass marker detection system (which is quite awesome to be honest); and
  • An upgraded user interface.

They are both extremely nice cutters - but just much like the sports edition of a car, the SE ads a little more bang for you buck.

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When I called and spoke to a sales person at US Cutter, just before you replied, he said that the differences were, 

1. New manufacturing build house 

2. Better, Stronger servo motors

3. More easily navigated control panel

4. Color

But that's all he said was different.

I'd like to see a side by side feature and spec comparison.

And why can't US Cutter sell their cutters without software? I have VM Pro, and don't need VM Cut US Cutter Edition. But I would like to purchase a Titan 3 SE if I can get some better info with my question.

*Oh and he did reassure me that the material vacuum hold was retained on the new model*

Thank you @davidb

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