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Hey Guys, I am relatively new to the sign industry but have been doing vehicle wraps for the past 4 years, I now have ventured into doing all sorts of signs and absolutely love this world of opportunity! My Dad and I have purchased a few pieces of equipment and one of those being the Graphtec ce6000-120. This cutter has been great so far however we have a job where we need to cut a 240" long translucent piece for a lighted cabinet. I get our vinyl straight enough that it has next to no skewing all the way to the apparent limit of 196.85". Is there any trick that you may know to get beyond this length barrier?? I really appreciate any assistance!

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I don't use Graphtec (one of the regulars will happen along shortly) but that limit has to be in your software because I know the cutter will cut longer. Are you using the Cutting Master software from Graphtec? What design software? 

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